Thursday, May 3, 2007

Godzilla ... Fists-a-Flyin'!

Here's one of the all-time classic and oddest Godzilla toys, part of the 70's giant robot Shogun Warriors line. There are three things that make this such a great toy, as demonstrated from the above pic with all the creases on it... hey, take care of the original packaging, kids. First, a talent we'd all kill to have, a flaming tongue, according to insiders not included to represent his fire breath but rather to cash in on the Rolling Stones logo popularity. Second, if Godzilla was anything, he was a futurist, and his use of healys predated the annoying fad by over two decades (I refuse to believe he was into rollerskating). But the third and greatest and most bizarre feature of this toy was its unique "distance punching" ability, which as of today has thankfully not been adopted by kids. You think healys are annoying, just you wait for the day that flying fists invade your local mall. You'll hate it as much as Ghidorah, the Three Headed Monster did.

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