Saturday, October 4, 2008

You Big Dummy Indeed

If you're not a child of the 70s (or 80s re-run syndicated television), you might not appreciate the fact that their actually existed a Redd Fox doll. Or maybe you do, it's not really my place to say. It's just about the strangest doll I've seen. Not really an action figure, but you can use him however you'd like, make him fight Stretch Armstrong, whatever. Was their ever a Jimmy Walker one of these? Or Bonnie Franklin? Or Freddie Prinze? Time to consult Google!


Flossin said...

Hello. Your blog is fantastic! Please, please, PLEASE continue writing it! I just read the whole thing. Good stuff!

JRR said...

I read it too.

Peter Navarro said...

And me, as well. Funny ass shit.