Friday, March 16, 2007

Evil Enemy: Weapons with the Smell of Battle!

Here is an Evil Enemy, which is an important distinction over the "Friendly Enemy" line of action figures, or the even worse "Horrendous Enemy." This particular enemy, Gen. Patch (not wearing an eye-patch, btw), has a weapon with the "smell of battle" which must provide the scent of a gaping chest wound.


google said...

Gen. Patch is the good guy. And he is in fact wearing a patch. Evil Enemies are the, errhm, enemy! :)

When I was a kid these figures were on the shelf for a short period. "The smell of battle" had to be clipped of the card, because it was considered to be very provocative.

If you happen to have these guys and want to sell them, let me know! These guys are part of my childhood.

Don Gates said...

These guys smelled like ham. Apparently "the smell of battle" is a delicious roasting pork.